Vaasa English Playschool is city of Vaasa service voucher daycare. You can apply for a daycare place at Playschool through city of Vaasa service center.


All the daycare fees are calculated according to service voucher agreement. Daycare fees are the same as in city of Vaasa daycares. You can find more information regarding the service voucher system and enrollment link over here:

Enrolment to groups:

Enrolment to language immersion groups (Foxes and Squirrels):


Children who start at Playschool language immersions groups are required to have sufficient Finnish language skills.
The following principles of selection are applied:

  • 21 places for preschool children
  • 21 places for children aged 5
  • Only If there are not enough 6- and 5-year old applicants, it will be possible to enroll on the year the child turns 4 (there will be a separate enrolment time for children younger than 5 – years)
  • siblings for those children who have already started at Playschool, have priority
  • siblings for those children who are already at the English line in primary school (grades1-4) have priority
  • If there are more applicants than places available, a lottery will take place
  • There are no daycare places available for children under the age of 3 years.


After the pre-school year at Vaasa English Playschool, it is possible to apply for English primary school education at Suvilahti School (via a language test).



Enrollment to International group (Hedgehogs):

Playschool has places for 21 children in the International Group. The group is a sibling group, for the children between ages 3-6.


The following principles of selection apply, when choosing the children to the group:


  • All the international children with English language background, have a priority for the place in the group (Finnish language skills are not required, child’s family uses English in their daily communication)
  • The children are chosen in the order of their age. Priority is for the 6-year old children, then 5-year old children, 4-year old children and 3-year old children.
  • Siblings from the same family have a priority to get a place in the group. Younger siblings have the priority to get the place if the older sibling first gets a placement
  • There are no places available for children under age of 3 years.
  • If there are more applicants than places available, the places will be raffled

All the children who have not been given a place will be placed on the waiting list, in the raffled order. In case that a place comes available during the year, places will be filled according to waiting list order.